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Grid upload registration request

Here you can submit your email to be added to the list of regiostered users who are allowed to upload grids to the site.

Only registered users are allowed to upload grids - you must already be a registered hepforge user.

Grid submissions should be in the form of a tgz file containing a configuration file with the "config" extension and any number of grid files - either root files, fasstNLO "tab" files, of gzippped files with a "tab.gz" extension. Each submission should be grids from a single paper - please do not combine grids from multiple papers into a single tgz file.

An example configuration file can be found here .

The config files can be free formatted; each entry is of the form "group = MY_GROUP;", note the required ";" semicolon at the end of each line.

Comments can be included anywhere, following a "//".

NB: in the additional comments for each grid in the "extra" fields, if the comments starts with eg "table 15 : " or "Table 15 : " (ie the number of the table corresponding to the data from the publication, followed by a colon, ":") then a link to the relevant table in hepdata will be added automaticlally added to the output for the grid.

Registration request

Register for grid upload - please provide you name, email address and the name of the group on behalf of which you would like to upload grids.