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for all your interpolation grid needs

Ploughshare allows users from the HEP community to share fast interpolation grids in a standardised way. PDF fitters and those from the experimental collaborations are be able to upload their validated grids and access the grids of others quickly and with the minimum of fuss. 

What is Ploughshare ?

  1. Quick to use - a web based utility for the automated distribution of fast inperpolation grids for the high energy physcis community.
  2. Secure storage - registered users can upload grid files and corresponding standard format configuration files to describe the grids and physics processes and these are added to a central repository.
  3. Automatic distribution - a standard utility library will be provided to download any required grids automatically in user code.

A utility for the community Ploughshare allows users to share their grids, so it is important that the provenance of the grids is guaranteed. This is achieved by allowing only registered users to upload their validated grids. Subsequently however, anyone is free to download and use the grids as they wish.

Ploughshare is an open source project.

Fast operations summary

Navigate quickly to some of the primary operations you might be interested in

Download grids

Veiw all the lovely grids which are available for download

Upload grids

Upload grids using the standard web interface

Download grid code

Get the code for the automated download of multiple grids


How to set up the automated code for the grid downloads

Available grids

Here are all the uploaded and available grids. At some point a "search" option may become available if there is a need.

Experiment Physics process Beam energy Cross section Calculation Group arxiv direct link
ATLAS pp 7 TeV dijets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1112.6297 atlas-atlas-dijets-arxiv-1112.6297
ATLAS pp 7 TeV dijets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1312.3524 atlas-atlas-dijets-arxiv-1312.3524
ATLAS pp 7 TeV incljets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1009.5908v2 atlas-atlas-incljets-arxiv-1009.5908v2
ATLAS pp 7 TeV incljets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1112.6297 atlas-atlas-incljets-arxiv-1112.6297
ATLAS pp 2.76 TeV incljets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1304.4739 atlas-atlas-incljets-arxiv-1304.4739
ATLAS pp 7 TeV incljets NLOjet++ ATLAS 1410.8857 atlas-atlas-incljets-arxiv-1410.8857
ATLAS pp 7 TeV Wpm MCFM ATLAS 1109.5141 atlas-atlas-wpm-arxiv-1109.5141
ATLAS pp 7 TeV Wpm MCFM ATLAS 1612.03016 atlas-atlas-wpm-arxiv-1612.03016
ATLAS pp 7 TeV Z0 MCFM ATLAS 1109.5141 atlas-atlas-z0-arxiv-1109.5141
ATLAS pp 7 TeV Z0 MCFM ATLAS 1612.03016 atlas-atlas-z0-arxiv-1612.03016
CMS pp 13 TeV dijets NLOjet++ fastNLO 1703.09986 fastnlo-cms-dijets-arxiv-1703.09986
CMS pp 2.76 TeV incjets NLOjet++ fastNLO 1512.06212 fastnlo-cms-incjets-arxiv-1512.06212
CMS pp 13 TeV incjets NLOjet++ fastNLO 1605.04436 fastnlo-cms-incjets-arxiv-1605.04436
H1 DIS 0.920 TeV jets DISENT fastNLO 1406.4709 fastnlo-h1-jets-arxiv-1406.4709

Available grid statistics

Statistics for the submitted grids are collected and reported here

Breakdown by physics process

Statistics on the submitted grids are show here, broken down by number of grids by process, DIS, ep, heavy ion etc.

Eventually, this section may shoe a breakdown of the different grids submited by each of the contributing groups the project.

Proton-(anti)proton collisions


Heavy-ion collisions


Deep inelastic scattering

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